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We will become a powerful company that always challenges and develops to see the world from the center of U-Life.

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“ With the aim of creating the best corporate value through constant challenges toward dreams ”

Since its foundation in 2017, GL is a start-up company that has been growing with customers in line with the 4th industrial revolution based on core VR (cognitive rehabilitation system) departments through R&D research and development projects, including various broadcasting equipment and network distribution businesses.

GL is G(Global) L(Laboratory)
In order to enter the global health care market among various industries not only in Korea but also in overseas markets, a research institute company with POSTECH Holdings Co., Ltd. has established and operated a dementia and cognitive rehabilitation-related service platform. It is a company that is launching products through R&D and continuously developing technology in cooperation with Gyeongbuk University Chilgok Hospital (rehabilitation medicine department), which is highly adjacent to Gyeongbuk City and province. In addition, we are continuing to secure technology and develop technology through technology transfer with the Daegu-Gyeongbuk Advanced Industrial Medical Promotion Foundation, and are making all-out efforts to secure core IT technologies of the 4th Industrial Revolution by planning and designing products that can be incorporated into various industries, including medical equipment, "VR education platform" and "AR tourism platform."



Broadcast imaging equipment (sound equipment, IP broadcasting, CCTV)
Information and communications, conference systems, remote broadcasting
Integrated Control System, Electronic Electronic Display



Network equipment, security solutions
Integrated IPT Solutions



VR Cognitive Rehabilitation Training
VR Training Service
AR Tourism Service



Bio-signal interlocking content
Dementia Rehabilitation Training Content


Using a mixed reality system, rehabilitation treatment for dementia patients is carried out through immersive content similar to real life

Patients performing this Mixed Reality Cognitive Rehabilitation System (Mixed Reality System) wear a Head Mounted Display (HMD) for rehabilitation and train memory, judgment, and cognition while repeatedly performing various missions within virtual reality.

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Mild Cognitive Impairments (MCI) Targeted
Clinical Results of Comparison of Other Companies' Equipment
Improvement in attention concentration

Improvment in memory

Human resource efficiency required to implement the solution

About Global Laboratory

GL Inc. has established a revolutionary and differentiated VR&AR system and platform to provide high-quality "medical, education, and tourism" services to customers, while operating a content division, a rapid and reliable broadcasting multimedia and network division.

Broadcasting Multimedia

Customized design/construction of broadcasting sound and video equipment and CCTV


Best security solution and best service delivery


Development of technology that combines hand tracking technology with biosignals


Planning and developing scenarios tailored to the user's characteristics