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Network Security
LAN Access Switch

Catalyst 9000, Catalyst 9300 and Catalyst9200
Catalyst 3850 and Catalyst 3650
Catalyst 2960-X/XR
Meraki MS Series

LAN Digital Building Switch

Catalyst Digital Building Series
Catalyst 3560-CX
Catalyst 2960-L
Meraki MS120-8

LAN Core and Distribution Switch

Catalyst 9500 and Catalyst 9400
Catalyst 6800
Nexus 7000
Meraki MS400 Series

Industrial Ethernet Switch

Industrial Ethernet 5000
Industrial Ethernet 4010
Industrial Ethernet 4000
Industrial Ethernet 3000

Security Switch

TiFRONT Security Switch
Access security switch that provides both L2/L3 switching and security capabilities

ADC Solution

The Application Delivery Controller (ADC) is a network equipment that delivers applications on servers to users quickly, reliably and securely. PAS-K, a Pioneer ADC, is responsible for optimizing application delivery in many areas, from network and server load distribution to application delivery acceleration and security technologies.

Web Application Firewall

It has a full lineup that covers from small websites to large traffic handling and high-reliability sites such as Telco, finance, and portals, and boasts SSL performance to reliably handle high-encryption traffic.

Security Solution
Network Firewall

The SECUI MF2 series is a global integrated network security product with flexible hardware and software architectures and technology to respond to the latest network security threats.

Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)

Security, convenience, and speed are the key features of the next generation of IPS.

Password Management

Efficient password management for all systems

Wireless Intrusion Prevention System

It is a security system that automatically detects/blocks unauthorized wireless devices, internal Rogue APs, and access to external APs while continuously monitoring the wireless network environment.

Integrated Document Security

It is a data-driven security product that encrypts the data itself containing important content and controls it to be used only within permission.

Cryptographic Platform

D'Amo will allow companies considering introducing DB encryption solutions to choose the best DB encryption solution for their production environment.