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Broadcasting Equipment
Audio Mixer

Available from 8 to 48 channels, the equipment is used in churches, performance halls, or small touring sound systems. It is also called an "audio console" as a device that balances sound by mixing various types of audio output into one. Depending on the product, there are analog mixers and digital mixers.


Developed to control a wide range of speakers and operate clear sound, it provides optimal efficiency and spectral balance.

Wireless Microphone

It receives wireless signals in the 925 ㎒ band from wireless microphones and converts them into audio signals, and can use up to 5 to 10 channels simultaneously. It uses a diversity method and has a wide reception orientation.


Dynamic microphones with unidirectional characteristics enable more delicate and rich sound quality reproduction, and are suitable for speech and musical instrument collection, such as lectures and speeches at schools and educational facilities.

Audio Amplifier

It is an instrument that receives the input of audio signals and amplifies the speaker to operate, and the volume of the audio input signal can be adjusted to 21 levels each, and it has stereo and bridge mono functions, so the output of the amplifier can be selected and used.


It is a device that can adjust directivity according to the installation environment and converts electrical signals into sound waves to make sound heard far away.

Power Supply

It is a sequential power supply that supplies power according to the flow of the acoustic device and cuts off the power in reverse order, and when turned on, power can be supplied at regular intervals from 1 channel to 10 channel.

CD Player

It supports AUX and USB playback and can play MP3 and WMA formats. In addition, the built-in automatic memory function allows you to remember the previous operation status even when the power is cut off, and even RANDOM and REPEAT playback INTRO functions are provided.

Rack for network system equipment

An enclosure case for installing audio mixers and devices.

Video Equipment
Video Projector

It is an instrument that receives video signals and shows images projected through a projection screen using a lens system, and has LCD and DLP (Laser) driving methods.

Projection Screen

It is a projection film that moves up and down, which is a white or silver film for maximizing space utilization and projecting movies or lanterns by winding it around the top when necessary.

Projector Bracket

It is a ceiling-type electric bracket that can be adjusted up and down height, which can be loaded, attached to the projector, and embedded into the ceiling when not in use.

Banners (Automatic Elevator)

It is a device that can be adjusted up and down and is located at the top of the front of the stage to install banners during various performances or other events.

POE Injector

It is a device that simultaneously transmits DC power and Ethernet signals through a general UTP cable and drives small-power POE-compatible equipment without power line construction.

Network Switch

The number of packets that can be processed is large, and the transmission speed is improved than that of a hub for small-scale communication as a communication device that connects network units.

Monitoring Device

It is a device that can store and record high-resolution video signals for IP-based CCTV CAMERA.

Hard Disk

It is a device that stores image information taken with a camera.

Fiber Distribution Frame (FDF)

It is for optical cable connection for interconnection between transmission equipment and overenabled connection and protection using patch codes.

Security Camera (Dome Camera)

It is a high-performance camera with 2 million pixels and supports up to 60 frames in resolution.

Security Camera (Speed Dome Camera)

It is a 2-megapixel high-performance camera that supports up to 60 frames at DHTV 1080p (1920x1080) resolution using H.265, H.264 or MJPEG. It also supports 36x optical zoom.

Metal Pillar

It is a stainless steel structure as a pillar for CCTV installation and is resistant to external shock and corrosion.