MENTITREE HMD • Hand Tracking • Rehabilitation

Mentitree is a cognitive function training system that uses virtual reality. For cognitive function training, users can improve key cognitive functions such as memory, judgment, and attention by repeatedly performing various missions using their hands in the form of playing with their granddaughter characters in virtual reality while wearing a head mounted display (HMD).

Hand Tracking

Mentitree is a virtual reality cognitive enhancement training solution that uses hand tracking technology to perform only with its own hands without requiring a controller. Hand tracking is an innovative technology that enables intuitive training for users and does not require a learning period of manipulation, and can be easily recognized as a product that can be easily and easily used by the elderly who are reluctant to the latest technology, so you can expect a high participation rate.

VR Cognitive function training

We plan and develop training contents based on medical scientific logic so that scenario planning and intuitive and easy-to-use effective training can be achieved without boring training.


It is a main S/W that conducts overall processing such as user registration, authentication, training selection, and performance for cognitive function training. It is delivered installed in Kiosk.

  • Provides sign-in functionality using vein authentication or ID/PW
  • Experience before user registration
Training content selection
  • Training is conducted by selecting from the built-in outdoor/indoor content
  • Configure UI to add content in the future
Training Monitoring and Control
  • A screen that allows you to monitor the screen you see during training
  • Provides the ability to control training such as re-listening and moving on from the outside as needed
Head Mount Display

It is an essential device for performing virtual reality cognitive function training, and users wear it on their heads to perform training

Vein Recognition Sensor

As an essential device for simple authentication, the user puts his or her hand on the sensor installed at the top of the kiosk to sign-in


It is an essential device for driving the system, and HMD and vein recognition sensors are connected to the PC installed inside, and easy operation is possible through the touch monitor at the top

*Can be customized in shape and layout upon request


Due to the nature of the product that is not visible on the actual screen, it is recommended to conduct training while sitting in consideration of the safety of the user

*Sold separately

Training Booth

Stand-alone booth for single room considering the safety of users who can focus on training without being affected by the external environment

*Production inquiry


Mentitree's virtual reality content, which consists of various environments, is produced in the form of playing with a virtual granddaughter character by selecting the user's desired place, so it is a product that allows cognitive function training while enjoying it rather than training. This encourages users to voluntarily participate so that cognitive function training, which is important for repetitive performance, can be effectively performed.

Content Description
Content Configuration

A content that carries out a mission while taking a walk around the neighborhood to purchase fruit with your granddaughter

  • 11 kinds of missions
  • Level 3 is the highest level of difficulty
  • Built-in when purchasing a product

Content that performs various missions required by granddaughters in the house with them

  • 14 kinds of missions
  • Level 5 is the highest level of difficulty
  • Built-in when purchasing a product
Episode Name
Training Area

Guessing the friend

Remember the characteristics of the three friends the child describes and choose the right friend for the problem.


Guessing the animal

Remember and choose animals that move on the left and right sides of the fountain.

Judgment and Problem solving

Playing game

You need to quickly select the circle that appears to the song.

Persistence and Memory

Playing in the market

You should remember the items your child describes and calculate how much the total amount is.

Memory, judgment and Problem solving

MENTITE ONLY CHARACTERISTICS Simple! Easy! Everyone! Funny! Powerful!
It provides customized training for users and analyzes training performance, and can easily and easily authenticate oneself using one's own hand (vein)
It is easy and easy for anyone to use by applying hand tracking technology that interacts with virtual reality objects using their hands without the use of a separate controller
You can improve key cognitive functions such as memory, judgment, and attention while having fun through daily life training in which you play with your virtual granddaughter
By inducing hand movements such as holding and stretching, which are closely related to cognition, it is possible to exercise the muscles of the arms and hands, and synergy effects that maximize the effect of cognitive function training can also be expected
It is possible to train a combination of major cognitive functions such as memory, judgment, and concentration, and the synergy effect of cognitive function training and muscle strength exercise can be expected through the parallel upper limb function training